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Laneway Festival

St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival is about leading new and revered seminal music. The festival has always been interested in finding what’s fresh and bringing it to unique settings and surrounds to be appreciated by music lovers.

American Training Academy

American Training Academy offers security guard card training, gun safety, and first aid classes, both on-site and online to everyone.


BUILDCON CLEAN is Melbourne builder’s and construction cleaning specialists. We exclusively servicing builder’s and constructions cleaning for construction companies to serve a specific requirement in the construction Industry.

Dr. Flex

Set of 4 loop bands ranging from light to medium to heavy duty for all fitness levels, ideal for everyone from complete beginners to seasoned athletes.

ELA Enterprises

ELA specializes in working with food production and food processing facilities, airline catering companies and services the hospitality industry – to design optimal equipment solutions that save space, cut costs and minimize risk.

Security Training Center

.Beware of the training facilities that say they can do the 8 hour course in just 2 hours and it is only 45 questions. Ask yourself if you were the employer would you want the employee with the 2 hour training.


Springdales is a school which imparts education with a difference! Here the children learn while playing and we try our best to make the journey of the child a joyful one. The emphasis is on quality education imparted through love and care so that the child grows strong and future ready.

Majestic Promade

Promade provides a firm, yet flexible and generally masculine hold on your hair. Infused with lanolin, beeswax, and a blend of polymers that create a lock-locking matte finish.


SecureCaps Engineering Consults, Manages, creates or invents custom composite, steel or billet hot rod and motorcycle accessories with the exception to our SecureCap which is a Security Device that protects and secures your Harley-Davidson engine with smart Engineering technology by a locking oil tank dipstick.

Shuttle Amsterdam

With a modern luxury fleet of Passenger Cars, Vans, Minibuses and Coaches, Shuttle Amsterdam offers a wide range of chauffeur services. With modern, luxurious cars and professional, well-trained drivers, we ensure that your guests arrive safely, comfortably and stylishly at their destination.

Ten X Talent

Ten X Talent, Incorporated is Managment Company that represents all talent and creatives. We take our clients gifts and skill sets and turn them into property, then we develop that property, and it grows into a brand. Giving our talent, brand “Value” and most important, “Brand Equity.”

Mitzy & Javier

We are a lucky couple to have everything ready for our home, our dream is to have an extraordinarily special honeymoon, if you want to help us make it unforgettable you can contribute to the following bank account.

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